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Barbra Curtiss


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 Barbra Curtiss  is the Owner, Director and Lead Instructor for NSU and has been a licensed agent since 1986 and a licensed broker since 1989.   Barbra is a very hands on Instructor and proud to share her knowledge freely by bringing agents and their support staffs informative CE Courses in Georgia based on her long term career knowledge.  National Society University is dedicated to quality CE courses based on the latest industry information as well as professional and personal support to promote continued success through education without limitations, apprehensions or secrecy

Barbra grew up in Huntsville Alabama which back in the 1950's was a small farming town.  She says “Being one of four daughters born to a farmer, we grew up working as if we were sons. I loved working in the fields with my Dad, and loved the smell of the outdoors, Spring when the rich ground was broke for spring planting, the sweet smell of wild honeysuckle in the summer air and the smell of fresh cotton in the fall as it was picked and headed for the huge cotton gins will always be some of my most cherished memories.  Farm life was not easy but it taught me never to be afraid of hard work and it set deep rooted values that have been priceless through my career".


Mother, grandmother, wife, avid outdoorsman and accomplished business woman Barbra is as much at home in the conference room as she is out on Lake Lanier fishing with her husband. Throughout her career, she has always pursued excellence through a commitment to high standards, fair play and sound judgment. She has managed to achieve a rare balance between her personal and professional responsibilities. Barbra is an informed, well-rounded, down-to-earth person and Real Estate Broker with a sincere commitment to helping others.

Maria Munuia Zaragosa

Angel Coleman

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Angel Coleman, Associate Broker with Barbra Curtiss Realty is the Owner of Breaking Thru C.O.R.E.S which is a company that is dedicated to training Realtors in the Challenges of Real Estate Services, C.O.R.E.S! 

Born and raised in Kansas, Angel is truly the Dorothy that landed here in Marietta GA and a dynamic Associate Broker that teaches from her heart with her life experiences.

Jacqueline Pringle

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Jacqueline Pringle is a dynamic Associate Broker that brings the word Instructor to a new dimension!  Humor, reality and teaching from the heart is one of Jacqueline's many exceptional traits!

Alana Watkins

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 Barbra Curtiss is proud to Introduce Alana Watkins to the Instructor Staff of National Society University!  Alana's amazing professional background in telecommunication and Political Advocacy makes Alana a detailed and humorous addition to the NSU's list of Instructors! 

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